Glossary of NoCeM Terms

While this does define a number of terms and their nocem usage, it is more than just a glossary. Herein is the explanation of a good part of the works-- it is worth reading through.

Remember that this is very early in the development of this project, and many things below may change.

Here are the definitions of some important terms, _in their NoCeM context_: This is not meant to be restrictive, however some of the differences in terms can be subtle-- using a standard nomenclature may help to alleviate this.

(pron "No See 'Em) A system to help people deal with the mind-numbing amount of information floating around on usenet.
(as per Chris Lewis) Excessive Multi-Posting (EMP) means the same as the term "spam" usually does, but is more accurate and self-explanatory. It means, essentially, too many separate copies of a substantively identical article.
stands for Make Money Fast, an annoying, and usually illegal pyramid scheme found posted all over Usenet. Considered fair game for cancelling by many.
PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy - a great program written by Phil Zimmerman that allows you to use strong encryption to protect your data. It also allows you to verify the authenticity of a message via digital signatures.
One nocem notice consists of a header section and a body, separated by predefined delimiters. One or more notices may be transmitted in one message, however if a notice is too big to fit in one message, it should be broken down into smaller notices-- the notice should not be split into multiple messages.
A nocem message is a generic term for the wrapper of a public key signed nocem notice. As a side effect of the message transport protocol, there may be extraneous text before the notice (message headers) and/or after the notice (a .signature) which will be ignored.
A method of transmission of nocem messages. Possible protocols include news, email, ftp, www, and even the filesystem of large multi user systems. However, the protocol cannot alter any text inside the signature delimiters or the signature will not match.
The person who issues a nocem notice. This may or may not be the same person who posts the message which contains it. A given issuer can be identified by his/her public key signature. If a person will be issuing notices with markedly different criteria, he/she may wish to issue under two different public keys to emphasize the difference.
Message headers are byproducts of the transmission protocol and should be ignored. (The exception being that stage 1 scanners can look for tags in the message header to cull that message). Nocem headers are the first half of a nocem notice. They should consist of information to help the user (or his script) gain more information about the reasons for this notice. Except for a mandatory "Version" header, they are not formally defined at this time.
The message body should consist of the signed n